Where did the peony flower come from?

Peonies date back to 1000 BC, a staggering 4000 years ago! They first appeared in Chinese gardens and reached Japan, who are now major players in producing peonies, by the 8th century. The peony flower was mainly used as a medicine to treat things like headaches and asthma or even to relieve childbirth pain. (We’ll probably stick to more modern pain relief options for that one!)
They were brought over to Europe in the late 1800s and were, understandably, a huge hit. And used for gardens right away all over Europe, North America and beyond! Nowadays peonies are pretty much only used for decorative purpose, but who can blame us.

How did the peony flower get its name?

There’s actually a couple of theories on how peonies got their name. One comes from Greek Mythology where Paeon extracted a milky liquid from the peony root and cured Pluto. This caused the green monster to rear its ugly head in the god of medicine. Zeus ended up saving Paeon by turning him guessed it...the peony flower.
The second story on how the peony got its name comes from another Greek myth. This time, Apollo was caught being a bit naughty and flirting with a nymph named Paeonia, behind Aphrodite’s back. Of course, Aphrodite got a little bit upset by this and turned the nymph into a peony.

What do peonies symbolise?

Peonies symbolise bashfulness due to the Greek myth of Paeonia, evolving into beliefs of curses for digging them up or having bad luck if they dry out. So, do not miss any of these peony care tips to ensure they last!
In China and Japan, peonies mean ‘king of flowers’, and are used in important holidays like Chinese New Year. They are also known to symbolise wealth, because for a really long time only Chinese emperors used peonies. In Japan, they represent bravery, honour and good fortune.
Generally, though, peonies symbolise prosperity, good luck, love and honour. So, whether you know someone who’s getting married, graduating or recently gave birth, send them a pretty peony bouquet. You can’t go wrong!

Fun facts about peonies!

Peonies are fascinating! Here are some of our favourite facts about the peonies:
  1. Some peonies can actually change colour. Yep. You read that right. These are called coral charm peonies and they are absolutely magical!
  2. A peony plant can live for more than 100 years. If you’re feeling a little peckish, peony petals are edible.
  3. Peonies love the sun and prefer at least 6 hours a day basking in the light.
  4. Deer and bunnies hate peonies
  5. But ants love them and will cosy up inside the buds.
In conclusion, peonies are beautiful and fascinating flowers with a rich history and diverse symbolism. Whether you're looking to express love, honour, prosperity, or simply apologise, peonies come in different colours that carry distinct meanings.
Additionally, peonies are full of fun facts, such as their edible petals and ant-loving buds. Sending a bouquet of peonies with delivery on Samui is a great way to bring joy and beauty into someone's life, and to show you care wildly!
Peonies are available between April and June, so make sure we have them in stock, and be quick as they won’t be in season for long!
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