Double The Peony

Lush and full of life, it's not every day that you'll come across these pillowy stems. This striking blush-toned bouquet is a welcome addition to any room. Peonies have become symbolic with prosperity, making this a fitting gift for anything from congratulations to housewarmings. This peony arrangement may arrive in bud form but will unfurl into the pillowy stem we all love.
Bouquet of peonies
11 stems 2200 Baht
15 stems 2800 Baht
25 stems 4200 Baht
35 stems 5800 Baht
51 stems 8700 Baht
75 stems 11400 Baht
101 stems 13200 Baht
151 stems 19200 Baht
200 stems 24000 Baht